Features of Montessori Sensorial Material Pink Tower Teaching Aids

Features of teaching aids

1. Montessori teaching aids do not use colorful and mixed colors, and mainly use simple and clean colors. Because it has educational significance, it usually uses a single color to highlight the true educational goal, that is, it has the characteristics of isolation. For example: the ten pieces of wood in the Pink Tower are all pink.

2. Since the most important goal of teaching aids is to meet the inner needs of children, in terms of size and size, only the ability of children is considered. For example, the largest piece of the pink tower can also be moved by children.

3. Each teaching aid has factors that can attract children, such as the weight and color of the pink tower wood; or the sound of bean paste when spooning beans.

4. The design of teaching aids is based on one person’s operation as the main consideration.
Montessori Teaching Aids-Geometry Ladder
Montessori Teaching Aids-Geometry Ladder

5. The individual and combined use of each teaching aid can only be completed with its own steps and sequence. Moreover, no matter in the design or the method of use, it is from simple to complex. The main purpose is to increase or decrease the training of children to understand the steps, pay attention to order, and indirectly cultivate their “internal discipline.”

6. Every teaching aid has direct and indirect educational purposes.

7. In terms of design, it has the characteristics of error control, which allows children to find errors on their own and correct them by themselves. For example, the pink tower has ten blocks, the smallest block is a cubic block of one centimeter, and the largest block is ten centimeters. It is a regular cube, so the difference between the largest block and the second largest block is exactlyone centimeter. After stacking the tower, the child can pick up the smallest piece, measure the difference between the pieces, and he will find that it is exactly one centimeter.

8. Cultivate children’s logical habits and reasoning ability through steps and order.

Post time: Aug-12-2021