Wooden Toy Ring on a Horizontal Dowel

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Montessori Ring on a horizontal dowel

  • Item No.: BTT0012
  • Material: Plywood + Hard Wood
  • Paking: Each pack in white Cardboard Box
  • Packing Box size: 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.6 CM
  • Growss Weight: 0.1 Kgs
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    Montessori Three Discs on a Horizontal Dowel,Baby & Toddler Learning Materials,Horizontal Dowel Activity ,Montessori Educational Resource

    The set contains three green discs and a horizontal dowel with base.

    This material offers a toddler experiences in eye-hand coordination and practice with different finger grasps.The montessori materials can be used as teaching tools in school, home schooling, or early childhood development. The horizontal dowel is a perfect example of simple but yet so effective materials.


    The Montessori three discs are put onto the horizontal dowel. It helps your little one:

    + Strengthens the wrist, which is vital for controlling the hand during future tasks like writing.
    + Practices hand-eye coordination
    + Build fine motor skills
    + Build manipulative skills


    The set contains three discs and a horizontal dowel with base.
    Made with birch plywood, beech wood and non-toxic water based paint.

    Age Recommendation
    As always – it depends on your child! A first contact can be made with this material between the 12th and 15th months. We recommend you to only offer 1 ring in the beginning. It takes a lot of practice but at 17 months your baby will definitely be able to start mastering it.

    Every effort is made to ensure the safety of our products, however, babies must be supervised at all times. The products should be checked regularly for damage and should be cleaned and replaced when necessary.

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