Lacing Dressing Frame, Montessori Practical Life Materials

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Montessori Bow Tying Frame

  • Item No.: BTP008
  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Paking: Each pack in white Cardboard Box
  • Packing Box size: 30.8 x 30 x 1.7 CM
  • Growss Weight: 0.35 Kgs
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    This dressing frame features two poly-cotton fabric panels with seven lacing holes on each and a long polyester shoe lace. The fabric panels can be easily removed from the hardwood frame for cleaning. Hardwood frame measures 30 cm x 31 cm.

    The purpose of this product is to teach the child how to work with the laces. This exercise helps to develop the child’s eye-hand coordination, concentration and independence.

    Colors may not be exactly as shown.



    Direct: to develop the finger control and dexterity needed to manipulate laces.
    Indirect: independence and concentration.


    - Beginning at the bottom, untie the bow by pulling each string, one right, one left.
    - Holding the flaps down with one hand, untie the knot by wrapping your thumb and forefinger around the knot and pulling up.
    - Lay the strings out to the sides.
    - Using a pincer grasp, turn the left flap back to reveal the hole with the string in it.
    - Using the opposite pincer grasp, pull the string out.
    - Alternate in this way, until the whole string is removed. Show the string to the child as one long piece.
    - Now reinsert the string: lay the string across the top of the table folded in half, with the tips at the center of the frame.
    - Turn back the right flap with your right pincer grasp enough to reveal the hole.
    - Use your left pincer grasp to insert the string; pull it a good way through with your right pincer grasp.
    - Using opposite hands, insert the opposite side.
    - Secure flaps with your left hand, take both tips in your right pincer and pull straight up until the tips are even.
    - Cross strings over.
    - Repeat steps 8-12 top to bottom.
    - When you reach the bottom, tie a bow.
    - Invite the child to try.

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