Imbucare Box with Small Cylinder

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Montessori Imbucare Box with Small Cylinder

  • Item No.: BTT005
  • Material: Plywood + Hard Wood
  • Paking: Each pack in white Cardboard Box
  • Packing Box size: 12 x 12 x 8.8 CM
  • Growss Weight: 0.23 Kgs
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    Montessori Imbucare Box With Cylinder Prism,Montessori Educational Toy

    This set includes a box with a door, and a small, red cylinder.

    This material provides an infant with the possibility of fitting objects into holes.

    This toy is a great material to develop hand-to-eye coordination and basic logic skills for toddlers.

    The objective of the exercise is to drop the Cylinder Prism from the hole in the Imbucare box. The child can then reach for the object through the hole in the door or figure out an easier alternative solution of opening the door and taking the object out.

    The child will recognize the right place to drop the prism in and finds it disappeared. And within a few attempts, he/she will learn to open the door and find the prism. Your child will play for hours.

    Posting objects into boxes is a natural inclination for young children. This activity gives the child practice with hand-eye co-ordination as the shape is put through the hole. The shape is then easily retrieved from the front of the box to repeat the activity over and over.

    Colours may vary.

    This is an educational product not a toy and requires adult supervision.

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